Modest, free of glamor, innovative and very energetic. Words most compatible with a dj who has already experienced many aspects of the house scene over the years. All these characteristics ensure his dj sets in clubs, at parties and the choice of music for his radio show can be automatically linked to Ramon Baron. 
A dj that guarantees more than temperament alone. The Pop Unie Zuid Holland crowned him as dj talent and Global Mixers Espana named him most  
surprising club dj and radio producer. Being a radio host Ramon Baron has given a lot of new house and tech house releases a push  
towards success during the afternoon shows on Slam FM and the still-running show Downtown HQ, on KISS FM Thailand, NRG, Holland FM Gran Canaria and much more radio stations on FM and online. Even as podcast on iTunes and Spotify the Downtown HQ radio show reaches a huge number  
of downloads. The end is not in sight for his ambitious radio activities.For as long as there are plenty of new releases needing attention, Ramon Baron remains in the studio behind the Nexus decks. Ramon Baron's radio roots are clearly noticeable on the dance floor. Whether Club Futé, the Green  
Room or any other of his dj sets are on, music comes first. "..House Music is made to set the dance floor on fire, not to stare at a podium. House music can't be captured on a cell phones camera.. it comes with the sound. Full energy and continuity DJ sets that capture the public and are certainly not pre-recorded.  
Not only small but also at large events and parties, Ramon Baron is the DJ and that you will notice..  

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